Nights like these they make me miss you

"The good times were good."

I guess that’s what we’ll end with. It’s time to let you go now.

Pseudo L-ship

Before taking this on, I was pretty split about my decision for next year but was leaning more towards leaving the team. I just knew that I wanted to grow in whatever I chose. Even though I was flattered that people could even think of me being co-director, the mere idea of the commitment and responsibilities and potential failure stressed me out like no other, especially since I’ve never been a leader before.

But right now, organizing these extra performances is so fun, mostly because it’s with the right people. I love our dynamic and the way we work together to incorporate everyone’s opinions. I mostly supervised today but watching the video over and over again makes me super happy with what we have so far and excited to be teaching / reviewing / casting / blocking people on Friday. Mini-modern’s mini-set is already coming together and I couldn’t be more eager to finish it and show people the end product.

I still don’t know what I’ll be doing next year. I don’t even know if I’ll get the position, and don’t know whether or not I’ll accept if I do. But whatever happens I’m grateful for this experience because it has been as rewarding as they said it would be.

"Here’s to the girls
with sly eyes
wild hair
and intoxicating thoughts.
You will fall in love
and find your handprints
wrapped around her arms
just trying to hold on."

Michelle K., To Girls Like Me. (via michellekpoems)

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What just happened…..

I wonder what would’ve happened if I decided to go to other colleges. But I think I chose the right one just because this one would’ve been the biggest “what if?”

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